AN ACCOMPLISHED WRITER IN SEVERAL GENRES OF THE MEDIUM, Lorraine Devon Wilke has built a library of expertly crafted work with a signature style that exudes both intelligence and humor. Whether screenplay or stage play, novel or short story; article or editorial, her work captures the edge and emotion of real life, incorporating clever plot twists, jump-off-the-page dialogue, and thought-provoking analysis whenever possible.

In 2010 she launched her enduring blog, Rock+Paper+Music, and from 2011 to 2018 was a popular contributor at HuffPost. Her articles and essays focus on political and current events, cultural news, opinion and commentary; art and human interest… all imbued with her particular brand of “sass and sensibility.” Several have been reprinted and excerpted in academic tomes and non-fiction books, and one of her most endearing essays, The Mother of My Reinvention was awarded by The Maine Review. A wide-ranging archive can be found at her page at Contently.

Both her novels, After the Sucker Punch and Hysterical Love, are available in print and e-book at Amazon (where her short story, “She Tumbled Down,” is also available), with booksellers and libraries able to access both books @ Ingram. Her third novel, The Alchemy of Noise, was published in April 2019 by award-winning hybrid publisher, She Writes Press. Stay tuned for updates and promotions via the “The Latest Book” page here at this site.

To Cross the Rubicon_

Devon Wilke also has several feature screenplays in her library; most notably, and early in her career, To Cross the Rubicon (co-written with filmmaker Patricia Royce), was produced by Seattle film group, The Lensman Company. In the years following, her screenplay, The Theory of Almost Everything was awarded as a Top Finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest; Gina Dreams, a bittersweet love story about a woman whose dream about a child changes her worldview, won an “Honorable Mention” that same year (later earning distinction as her “most optioned but never made” film project!), and A Minor Rebellion, a rock & roll dramedy, was a quarter-finalist in the 2014 Big Break Contest. That project was honored more recently as an “official screenplay selection” in the 2018 Beverly Hills Film Festival, and was a Semifinalist in the 5th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, and is currently being adapted as her fourth novel.

Minor Rebellion box

[*Interesting note: the screenplay, The Theory of Almost Everything, was later adapted as Devon Wilke’s second novel, Hysterical Love.] 

Devon Wilke additionally works as a script consultant and story analyst, and has collaborated with both producers and writers in the rewriting process of a wide variety of creative projects.


To access her articles at Contently click HERE.
To visit her blog @ Rock+Paper+Music click HERE.

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