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Currently pitching:

KINDRED 21, literary/psychological suspense complete at 89,000 words:

Reinventing life in Kindred, CA, a town whose population of twenty-one has inexplicably never changed, Mason and Olivia Samaras are thrown into a battle between logic and superstition when, after it’s discovered she’s pregnant, terrifying things start happening… think Liane Moriarty meets M. Night Shyamalan.    


Olivia and Mason Samaras are unable to procreate. She’s mourning the loss of her mother. The chaos of San Francisco has worn thin and they’re desperate for a new landscape. They find their dream house in Kindred, California, a town whose population of twenty-one has never changed, and, dismissing initial wariness, make the leap. When it’s discovered she’s almost miraculously pregnant, the move feels destined… until terrifying things start happening to Olivia.

She’s run off the road; there’s a break-in, violent, threatening messages. New friends minimize the encounters, a doubting Mason questions her memory of events; she’s left isolated and confused. But when shocking information about her local doctor is uncovered, the truth behind the threats—and Kindred’s strangely static population—is revealed, forcing Olivia, a modern women of the 21st century, to either believe a historical curse has been triggered, demanding she flee to save her life, or reject it and stay… but at what potential cost?

Positing whether malevolent forces are at work or just the delusional power of inherited groupthink, KINDRED 21, which has been edited and beta read, would sit nicely on shelves between Camilla Sten’s The Lost Village and Jess Lourey’s Bloodline.


This completed manuscript is currently being pitched to agents representing the genre. For more information or to reach out with questions or a manuscript request, please leave a message below.

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